PHP Training programs as well as Net Designing






Here is the detail for six week training.


Developing Website with PHP(Hyperext Preprocessor)
Week 1
  1. Introduction to Web technologies, Web browsers
  2. Html Basics
  3. Integrated Development Environment
  4. Working with Images and Styles in Web page
  5. Table, list and linking with multiple pages.
  6. Animation Frames and Forms
  7. Extras using Ms. Office.
Week 2
  • Introduction to java-script.
  1. Control Structures and User interface.
  2. Javascript functions (inbuilt and user-defined)
  3. Cascading Style Sheet
  4. CSS with images and styles.
Week 3
  1. Place menu in Webpage Making use of Menus Developer .
  2. Introduction to Open-Source Technologies
  3. WAMP server (Apache, MySql, Php)
  4. Basics of PHP and some other stuff
Week 4
  1. MySql.
  2. Managing Database
  3. Information Meaning language as well as Data Planning Language .
  4. PhpMyadmin
  5. Connectivity of Php and MySql and handling Sessions
  6. Array and String Handling.

Week 5

  1. Creating Automated Dynamic Web-Site
  2. Content Management Systems
  3. Page Post Blog and Feed
  4. Plugins and Gadgets (all in one seo, google xml sitemapm editor extender, tiny contact form, uligmate ga etc.)
Week 6
  1. project work