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Major project designing and development become a part of engineering.Students from different engineering stream have to submit their major project during the final year. For this major projects student implement their innovative ideas for making a projects. Firstly they think about new technologies and work together to finish that major project on time and they are able to perform live. Most of engineering students submit their ideas to industries and make some ideal prototypes. And after implementing that projects some industries give the stipend training as well as the manufacture product in market.Because their are so many technologies in the market.And technology of the people for the people by the people. Because every one want new technologies.

Now UGC (university grants commission ) give the grants to most of the university to link the students with industry by a scheme of IDP (industrial Defined projects).In IDP scheme students have to submit a presentation over an Industry project and IDP(industrial Defined projects) panel will check that idea is it from the industry or not. If that idea if from the industry then IDP allow the students to complete that project in certain time of period.And all the for this major projects will be provided by UGC (university grants commission ) to the college or that particular university in which the student is enrolled .In this IDP (industrial Defined projects) scheme student can take help from out side college or third party.But at the time of submission of that project the enrolled students have 100% knowledge about that project.

Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd | Major Projects in Jalandhar

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